Fun New Hobbies to Try Before 2021 Ends

Fun New Hobbies to Try Before 2021 Ends

The year is now 2021 and we’re in the last quarter of the year. Have you given yourself some time to reflect on the things that you’ve done this year so far? Have you been productive? Have you given yourself regular breaks from time to time? If you ever feel like you need a break due to stress or simply finding something to make your hands full due to boredom, there’s something joyous about finding fun new hobbies to try for yourself. Trying out new activities from time to time can bring more meaning to your life and also stability to your mental health. To keep you sane, especially in this time of pandemic, we have curated a list of fun new hobbies to try so that you can enjoy your spare time. Hobbies are pursuits that every person should have. They can inspire you while giving you a sense of purpose and enjoyment that can help in combating the stresses of everyday life. 

Now that the year is about to finish in a few months, why not add something to your bucket list of hobbies and fulfill each of them one by one? Trying some new hobbies can be daunting and quite intimidating, but little challenges in life make you stronger. Plus, once you’ve tried them, they can even help you in finding your passion. Let’s take a look at some of the fun new hobbies to try before the year ends that you should consider. After reading, it’s time for you to get your crafting materials and scissors, or whatever tools and equipment that you’ll need for these. 

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A List of Some Fun New Hobbies to Try

  1. Flower Pressing:

    Dry pressing flowers is a great way to preserve the flowers you receive from a loved one. Whether it’s an anniversary bouquet, gift, or the random forages you got while exploring places, this method is an easy way to make your flowers last for a very long time (about 5 to 7 years on average). The best thing about starting this hobby is that you can use your finished preserved flowers not only as a framed house decoration, but also as a gift for your loved ones. Starting this hobby is not expensive at all. Materials required for this craft are usually found in your home: newspapers, a book, and a heavy object to put pressure on the top of the book. The method is really simple, so you should try it for yourself!

  2. Resin art:

    If you’re up for a challenge, this hobby is made for you! Resin is an incredible epoxy-based component that can create wonderful works of art. The possibility of creating objects using resin is almost limitless; if you decide to pursue this craft as well as flower pressing, you can make the preserved flowers last even longer! This craft is starting to get viral as it has gained a lot of attention, especially on the internet - YouTube and TikTok in particular. There are kits available online that can help you start with this hobby, depending on the type of craft that you want to make. Usually, the resin kit comes with molds, the resin, hardener, mixing materials, mica powder for pigment, and more that can help you start creating artworks. Bookmarks, DIY Resin Frames, Keychains, Jewelries, Coasters, Figurines and Phone cases are some examples of the things that you can create with resin.

  3. Gold leaf painting:

    As expensive as it may sound, it is actually not! Gold leaf painting is a technique that has existed for quite some time now. Adding gold to artworks, particularly in statues as decorations goes way back to the Egyptians. Incorporating gold leaf in canvases was popularized by Gustav Klimt, a popular painter known for his painting called The Kiss. Starting this technique doesn’t require you to spend a lot on gold leaves alone. You can purchase faux gold leaves or flakes at crafts stores. Adding gold to your canvas can also add flair, dimension, and texture, especially when you apply this technique to abstract paintings. 

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  4. Blogging:

    This hobby may not be entirely new, but since many people own gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and laptops, then it’s time to take advantage of them to make you more productive. To keep your passion/s ignited, try talking about it. That way, you’ll get more inspiration, feedback, suggestions, and even friends. There are so many reasons why you should blog. First, you can share your knowledge with many people. It will not only inspire you to do more, it can also inspire them at the same time. Second, you can use your blog site as your virtual journal. The list goes on. If you love writing, reading books, and sharing your ideas, you should definitely try this!

  5. Photography and editing:

    Capturing amazing photos does not necessarily require special cameras like DSLRs. Sometimes, you just need impeccable techniques and great editing skills. A smartphone with good camera features comes in handy for this hobby. You can use your smartphone, learn the art of photography through the lens of YouTube and download free-to-use editing apps. What’s great about this hobby is that once you get the hang of it, you can start submitting your work to a lot of photography websites where you can share your images with other people or you can even get commissioned.

  6. Take a Master class course:

    Do you want to learn something from professionals without leaving the comfort of your home? These days, you might’ve probably heard of “master classes” or online courses that you can subscribe to on the internet for a minimal fee. Taking these classes can help you master your pursuits, such as painting, writing, etc. Thus, there are platforms that offer courses coming from world-class personalities where they can teach you not only how to master something, but also be successful and gain money from it. 



Allowing yourself to become immersed in something worthwhile can reduce the symptoms of stress while helping you stay productive at the same time. In the remaining months of 2021, try to do something for yourself by enjoying these fun new hobbies. Whichever you try to pursue, we hope that you’ll enjoy your adventure. 

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