Easy Things to Paint on a Canvas for Beginners

Easy Things to Paint on a Canvas for Beginners

Honing your artistic abilities has to start somewhere. For most beginners, they start by picking a primary medium: watercolor, acrylics, oils, gouache, and pastels. Then, they decide which surface they want to practice their medium: canvas, paper, etc. Most beginners start by painting on a piece of paper because it’s smaller and less intimidating-- they have less spaces to fill in. If you’re that type, then we encourage you to start painting on canvas. Though it has more spaces to fill, you have unlimited possibilities. The array of designs that you can paint is endless compared to paper. Ever heard of the metaphor “blank canvas?” It may sound quite intimidating, but it represents a power where you can do whatever you want. It symbolizes a new start and new opportunities, think of the endless lessons that you can learn when you start filling the space on a canvas. 

Most beginners tend to look at the internet searching for inspirations to paint. If you’re one of them, then you’ve come to the right place because this article is all about easy things to paint on a canvas. Are you ready? Then it’s time to bring out your canvas, pigments, brushes, and other materials that you think might be helpful in creating your craft. To get you started, select a canvas size that you think you can fill without getting frustrated (this tip works well for beginners). But, if you’re feeling adventurous, then challenge yourself to paint on a bigger canvas. You know what they say, the bigger, the better. 

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                 What are Some Easy Things to Paint on a Canvas that You Should Try?        Find Out Here

  1. An out of this world galaxy: 

    The universe has very interesting bodies of galaxies full of stars, planets, and other heavenly objects. Painting a galaxy gives you the opportunity to be very imaginative as it gives you the freedom to select colors, techniques, methods, and materials to execute your work of art. To get you started, you’ll need a canvas, acrylic paints (you can select any colors you want but you should have a black pigment to start off as a base), some paintbrushes, an old toothbrush (to use for the stars), and a sponge to create a textural background that a paintbrush cannot replicate). It depends on you if you want to put planets, moons, and other objects so be as creative as possible!

  2. Iridescent clouds:

    Many artists draw inspiration from the sky because they can see it everywhere they look and it can be painted in different colors and styles. Creating a cloud painting is one thing, but creating a luminous sky with iridescent clouds is another. The key to a great cloud painting is the subtle gradation of colors, having impeccable brushwork skills, amazing blending, and a good color palette selection. When making an iridescent cloud painting, we recommend that you use oil paints so that you can take time to experiment with the colors and blending. Acrylics would work well too, however, they dry fast so you need to work quickly during the blending process so that the outcome is realistic and glowy, as if it’s captured from a camera. Furthermore, pastel colors will work great as a color palette in order to achieve a luminous effect.

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  3. Gold leaf painting:

    When we hear about all things gold, the word is synonymous to luxurious and expensive. However, you don’t have to purchase a real gold leaf because these are also available at arts and crafts stores for a low price. Gold leaf paintings are some of the easiest things to paint on a canvas that you should try, especially if you’re into abstract art and minimalism. You only need a few materials, a few colors, and lots of imagination. The secret to a great artwork incorporated with gold is selecting a good color scheme, creating different textures, and knowing the best place to put your gold leaf or flakes. These elements are crucial in order for you to have a balanced and sophisticated outcome. Thus, putting a glossy varnish in the end makes a lot of difference!

  4. Rainbow drip painting:

    Time to unleash the inner Jackson Pollock in you. For most people, abstract art has less value compared to artworks that represent real objects from reality. However, this form of art allows you to paint intuitively and reconnect with your emotions. This form of abstract art is almost a mindless activity because all you have to do is drip the colors towards your canvas in any way or style. There are no rules here, all you have to use is your creativity and imagination. Now, it’s time to get your hands messy and get creative! Select the pigments that you prefer and drip them everywhere on the canvas! Be sure to use old newspapers or a plastic cover on your working surface so that the area doesn’t get smudges from the paint.

  5. A full moon:

    To enhance your painting skills, you need to step out of your comfort zone and apply different methods and techniques in a single canvas. This may sound challenging, but that’s how you hone your craftsmanship. You just need time, patience, and effort to be a great artist. A good way to start is by painting a full moon. Sounds easy, right? But, have you tried looking at a high definition full moon image? You can see different textures and colors. That’s what you’ll try to replicate on the canvas. Using techniques like dry brushing, sponging, blending, gradient relief, wet brush on dry canvas, and scumbling. 


No matter what imagery you try to replicate on the canvas, the most important thing is that you’re having fun while improving your skills. We hope that you try this list of easy things to paint on a canvas. Tell us about your art project and don’t forget to keep on practicing and just keep on painting! You’ll be a great artist in no time if you keep on filling the canvas with splashes of colors one brushstroke at a time.

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