woman painting paint by numbers landscape

Easy Paint by Numbers Instructions - Starter’s Guide

woman painting paint by numbers landscape

The pandemic partnered with a lot of free time made some of us branch out and try different hobbies. Plus, with the online community consistently itching for diversions, Paint by Numbers was and still is one of the many recreational activities that came to mind. 

You’ve probably asked yourself, where to begin, and are googling some Paint by Numbers instructions right this very moment. Well if you are, then you don't have to worry, we cooked up a list of things to remember, and some tips to make your artistic journey easier!

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Before You Start, Here's what you need to Prepare:

  • Comfort and Cleanliness 

Before we start with our initial Paint by Numbers instructions, you must find a comfortable spot at home with adequate lighting for you to see the details on the canvas. Aside from that, also check if your space is free of clutter to avoid accidentally knocking and spilling liquids other than paint. If you have a magnifying glass,  a lamp, and a proper tabletop easel, that would come in handy too!

Adult woman sitting and painting with easel in clean room

  • An extra template?

After laying your canvas flat, don't start painting just yet, and take a photo of the canvas. If ever you're second-guessing a section you just painted, the template will help you review the area. It'll also help you look closely at finer details if you have bad eyesight.

  • Paper towels + a cup of water

Your brush set should be clean before and after using, so make sure to have these two items within reach. To keep your paintbrush moist but not soaked while painting, get rid of excess water with a paper towel. Other than that, always remember to wash the brush with your cup of water when you switch colors. Also change your paper towels when needed!

person washing his brushes using water after painting

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

Ready, Set, Paint!

  • Take an extra step and iron your canvas. Don’t forget to put a cloth over the canvas first so it doesn’t get ruined! Doing so will get rid of the wrinkles and completely flatten them, and will ultimately make painting so much easier. 

  • If you don’t have a painting easel, you can easily stick the canvas on a flat surface with some masking tape, it’ll do its job without ruining the canvas. Though if you have back problems, or just find it hard being hunched over for a long time, we highly recommend getting a tabletop easel to avoid any discomfort. 

  • Before painting, make sure to organize your station and match your paint pots with their corresponding areas on the canvas  to steer clear of any confusion later on. 
    acrylic paints with compatible brushes
  • If you’re scared of smudging and have no time to dry out certain areas,  then painting from top to bottom might just work. It’s also highly suggested to begin from the right if you’re a lefty and start painting left if you’re a righty. Plus, starting with dark colors first is a good idea, cleaning your brushes will be much easier this way!

  • Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

    Tips and some things to remember:

    1. Always iron your canvas to clear out the creases and wrinkles!
    2. Acrylic paint dries out quickly, so open them one at a time and close the pots when not in use. 
    3. If the paint is too thick to use or if it’s dried out completely,  just add 2 drops of warm water and mix! 
    4. Don’t add too much water to your paint pots, doing so will thin out the paint and make it less opaque. 
    5. Moisten your brush, but not too moist. Never forget to dry out excess water with paper towel before use!
    6. Clean your brushes meticulously after every color to avoid any unwanted stains from clotted paint. 
    7. Use a suitable brush size when painting and always be attentive to the areas in your canvas, this will prevent overusing and lengthen its durability. Though if you need some extras, you can purchase a set of quality paintbrushes just in case!
    8. If you’re paranoid about running out of paint, just dip the tip! This’ll allow you to conserve some paint, and makes it easier for you to paint finer details as well. 
    9. If you want to preserve and hang your masterpiece but don’t want to puncture your walls, this affordable adhesive wooden frame will do the job!
    10. Making mistakes is part of the learning process. Don’t panic if you smudged your paint or filled a number with the wrong color, all you need to do is wait for it to dry and color over it with the right paint. 
    brush painting black dark color on canvas

    We hope that these Paint by Numbers Instructions proved useful. So if you’re ready for some R&R with a splash of fun, it’s time to visit the MiiCreative Store and get your very own custom Paint by Numbers kit! 

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