child painting with white paint at home on cardboard

Easy and Beginner Friendly Things to Paint on A Canvas

child painting with white paint at home on cardboard

While starting out, it’s normal to feel uninspired. You might be stressing out, or even doubting your skills. With this in mind, I can tell you from experience that it’s best to stick to easy subjects for the meantime. 

Which is why we’ve compiled yet a third list of easy things to paint on a canvas that can help you sharpen your painting skills and teach you a few techniques through application. 

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If you’re looking for things to paint on a canvas without any tedious detailing, then leaves are for you! Painting leaves doesn’t have to be perfect and can be a fun activity to try if you want to try your hand in painting. This subject might also pique your interest if you’re into painting scenery or flora.

Flowers in Orange and White over white paper hanged

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Your Pet

The second subject in this list should be an option if you want your first try to be memorable. Trying to paint your pet’s portrait is a special way to honor your bond with them. Not only does it help capture precious moments, but can also be a way for you to preserve their memories while learning how to paint at the same time. 

woman taking a bright and clear photo of herself with white dog

A Butterfly

Butterflies are fascinating to both adults and children because of how enthralling they look. These beautiful insects come from so many different groups and types, with a total number of 1,500. Which means that you have a lot of things to paint on a canvas from the variety of butterfly patterns to choose from! 

watercolor orange butterfly painting

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The next thing to add to your list of subjects to master is clouds. Learning how to paint clouds is essential if you plan on painting landscapes or basic sky composition. Clouds may be challenging at times especially if you aim to learn proper blending. However, don’t get discouraged! The more you practice, the more confident you become when including them in your artwork!

oil painting of landscape scenery with clouds

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Silhouettes and Shadows

Silhouettes and shadows can be a person, items, animals, or scenery displayed in a single color. The shapes in silhouette or shadows are remarkably beautiful since they stand out, and you can make silhouette and shadow paintings easily with just about anything. However, if not properly outlined, they can be mistaken for other unintended objects instead. So make sure that your shadows and silhouettes have defined features that can easily be recognized. 

silhouette painting stand at the beach near window

Since you’re still learning, always remind yourself that you don’t have to be perfect from the get-go. Remember to take on this challenge one step at a time and focus on mastering the basics. Though if you need a helping hand, always remember that MiiCreative Store is here to guide you every step of the way. So go ahead and pick some things to paint on a canvas, grab a Paint by Number Kit from our store, and pick up that brush!

Paint by numbers by MiiCreative of black dog outdoors with paints and brushes

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