Digital vs. Traditional Art: Which Is More Affordable?

Digital vs. Traditional Art: Which Is More Affordable?

When it comes to forms of art, we cannot deny that some of the materials can cost a lot. However, some argue that digital art is more affordable because you don’t need to purchase a canvas and set of paint every time you make more artwork. In this article, we ask, digital vs. traditional art: which is more affordable? 

When it comes to art forms, it’s important that you choose the one that fits your budget. A lot of people romanticize the idea of being a broke artist, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Being a broke artist can be difficult, so don’t suffer too much for your art.

Art materials can contribute to the expenses of being an artist, which is why we ask the question: digital vs. traditional art: which is more affordable? With everything, you need to consider your budget because art materials can be too expensive if you don’t get monetary compensation for your work.

For some, digital art is cheaper because all you need is a drawing tablet and a program that can help you with different brushes, the problem is that some of the programs aren’t available and you need to pay extra for access to some of the brushes. 

Although being a starving artist has been romanticized, it’s not a necessity. While a lot of people suffer for their art, that doesn’t mean that you should too. We hope that answering this question makes your decision between digital vs. traditional art easier for you and suits your budget. 

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Differences Between Digital and Traditional Art Materials

Art is a great way to de-stress and release creative energy. However, we cannot deny that materials can run expensive, especially if you work on traditional art. There are a lot of other forms of art that you can try, but the easiest to access is digital art. Here are some of the differences in digital vs. traditional art:

  1. You can use your phone for digital art: One of the best things about digital art is that you can use your phone or the gadgets you own. Any smartphone can host drawing applications that you can use to improve your art skill.

  2. You can take up digital art sessions online: If you have any questions about your progress, you can always consult video tutorials online to answer your questions. Some people need more help when it comes to traditional art compared to digital art.

  3. You can have access to different drawing programs: There are a lot of professional art programs that have affordable options. Aside from that, some companies provide free programs that give you a lot of brushes for your art style.

  4. You can get good brushes from art programs: You can get a lot of brush styles and you aren’t limited to one technique. However, you need a good pen to pair with your drawing tools.

  5. Digital art doesn’t take as much time: With a traditional painting, you have to wait in between layers so that you don’t smudge the work you have. The best thing about digital arts is that you can switch in between the layers if you need to with the click of a button. 

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Digital vs. Traditional Art: Which is more affordable?

Now that we know some of the differences between digital and traditional art, let’s answer the question “digital vs. traditional art: which is more affordable?”  With digital art, all you need is to purchase a tablet and pen. If you are able to find free art programs online, you won’t have to pay extra fees for the brushes you need. 

With that, we say that digital art is the more affordable option if you want to save money and create your art. 

Key Takeaways

With that, we can conclude that digital art is the more affordable option. We know that answering the question, “digital vs. traditional art: which is more affordable?” is going to help you gain perspective. 

Not everyone has the financial capability to keep buying art materials, that is why we want to help you find more affordable options. Just because a lot of artists starve for their craft doesn’t mean that you have to either.

Creating art doesn’t mean you need to cripple your finances, which is why choosing an art form that fits your budget is necessary for your creative process. 

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