Different Ways to do Art for Beginners

Different Ways to do Art for Beginners

The arts is a wide field of diverse activities that enhance the way we live as humans. We can see it everywhere-- not just in museums, art galleries, and exhibits. If we try to open our minds, change our perspective on how we look at things, art can be found in the simplest forms at any corner of life. Painting is one of the most common art forms that many people do. But, what are the different ways to do art other than painting? That’s what we’ll explore today, so keep on reading to find out more.

When we think about art, the first two things that often come to our minds are painting and drawing because they’re the most common art forms that we see frequently on the internet. People have various ways of expressing their creativity and feelings, not just through painting. Some like performance arts like dancing and singing, some prefer visual arts like photography and sculpting, while some people express themselves through writing. If you’re looking for something that can add an extra layer of flair to your creativity or you simply want to try something new, here are the different ways to do art that are easy and fun to do. 

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The Different Ways to do Art that You Should Try Next

  1. Clay sculpting: 

    For many years, sculpting has been a form of art used by our ancestors that served a function for their everyday life, whether for utility or spiritual purposes. It may not be easy for everyone to sculpt something, but a variation of this art form has been emerging recently and that is clay sculpting. Sculpting with clay isn’t just a modern trend, it’s been around for as long as 20,000 years according to historians. What’s good about this type of sculpting is that there are many kinds of clay to choose from that can suit your preferences and skills.

  2. Digital art:

    Not everyone has the time, space, and money to pursue traditional arts and make physical artworks. Thanks to the advent of technology, gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops have made art more accessible to everyone. People with gadgets can finally make artworks not only limited to drawings and paintings, but also 3D sculptures, face models, etc. Digital art has made art more efficient, convenient, affordable, and portable to many people. Unlike traditional art, you can make artworks without requiring a huge physical workspace, and you do not need to purchase and spend a lot of money for different art materials and tools.

  3. Junk journaling:

    Similar to an art journal, a junk journal is your personal space for expressing yourself where you can write down your thoughts, paint, sketch, make a collage and/or assemblage, and many more. The definition of junk journaling really differs from person to person but the shared characteristic of most journals of this kind is that they’re made from materials that you can find and recycle anywhere. You can use old magazines, newspaper cut-outs, vintage photographs from flea markets, torn-out books, and many more-- the point is that you make art from garbage. Some even make their own recycled paper and book their own notebook to start a junk journal. So, be wild with your imagination and use your creative juices!

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  4. Fine-art photography:

    Get your cameras or smartphones ready because we’re bringing your artistic vision to life into images that will strike people’s eyes. Most photography like photojournalism aims to represent reality through photos but fine-art photography is different. This type of photography is inclined to the photographer’s creative side to show their artistic vision and express their emotions, ideas, and message. You don’t need fancy camera equipment for this art, you can use your smartphone and learn the art of photography through the internet. To enhance the quality of your images, you can also use free (or paid) editing apps.

  5. Glass painting:

    Many people love to paint, so they try to expand their artistic pursuits by trying different variations of painting. If you’re looking for something new, unique, creative, with a bit of a challenge, then you should try this. One of the different ways to do art that is becoming increasingly popular recently is glass painting. For most, this type of painting looks like the ones that you usually see at church walls and windows. But, do you know that you can also do it on mirrors, fishbowls, and your own window? For starters, you can begin by purchasing glass painting kits on the internet or you can DIY using drinking glasses, tiles, windows, etc. to add a decorative flair to your home.

Key Takeaways

The best way to improve your creativity and imagination is to try different ways to do art. By allowing yourself to step out of your comfort zone to reach new avenues and experiences, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment that will make you strive harder to be more creative in your ventures and everyday life. We hope that you try everything in this list and if you do, let us know which is your favorite among the different ways to do art that we suggested. Don’t forget to try out the ones that aren’t in the list, too!

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