Determining Your Creative Style

Determining Your Creative Style

There are many different types of art, but did you know that there are also various creative styles? In this article, we help you answer the question “which creative type are you?”

Creativity is in everyone when they are born, and if you nurture it, it works out, but sometimes you outgrow it. Today, we talk about helping you know the answer to “which creative type are you?”

Being a creative person also doesn’t mean that you need to pursue a career as an artist. Sometimes other jobs need more creative mindsets. So, don’t worry if you’re not looking to pursue a creative career because that doesn’t kill your creativity. 

There are a lot of different types of creative people, and some of them go on to become great artists, while others live a life with a normal job. The best way you can enjoy your career is by applying some creativity to make it less mundane.

We hope that finding out what type of creative person you are will help you enjoy your job more or even help you pursue the path you want to take. 

Aside from that, let us know which creative type you lean more towards. You also don’t have to be stuck as one kind of creative type because you can be a combination of two types.

We hope this answers, “which creative type are you?” and gives you more options.

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Different Creative Types

While most people are only focused on artists being the widely known creative type, there are many creative people outside art. Each one of them has different traits and a combination of different types of creativity. 

There are also plenty of characteristics that creative people share, but if you don’t have these traits, don’t worry. 

Here are the different creative types: 

  1. The Visionary: The Visionary views the world as a place with infinite possibilities. You don’t usually look at the world as it is, but more as you want it to be. The main issue is that this creative type is often stuck with their head in the clouds. People who are part of the Visionary type should consult with people under the Thinker type.

  2. The Innovator: Much like the Visionary, the Innovator also sees possibilities. The difference, however, is that they also see these possibilities combined with potential. The Innovators can come up with a lot of ideas and are a great combination with the Maker.

  3. The Dreamer: As the name implies, the Dreamer sees the world as a place of magic and wonder. This creative type sees symbols, metaphors, and signs, and these things affect how they live their lives.

  4. The Producer: This creative type is in charge of getting things done. You can also find that most leaders and managers have the features of the Producer. This is because you need to get things done.

  5. The Maker:  Since the Innovator is in charge of coming up with ideas, they need someone to make the ideas come to life. This is where the Maker comes in. They can make anything they set their mind on and help innovators turn their ideas into real things.

  6. The Adventurer: With the Adventurer, you can expect that there will be no dull moments. This creative type can turn any situation into an adventure, and you’ll be sure to have lots of fun with them. However, some people find them risky, so they need to be balanced out by the Artist.

  7. The Thinker: The only adventure this creative type can go through is the pursuit of knowledge and answers. However, some of them can get stuck in their heads. The Thinker can be properly balanced out by the Adventurer.

  8. The Artist: Lastly, we have the Artist. This creative type has the power to bring their ideas and inspirations to life. In a way, they are a combination of the Innovator and the Maker because they can come up with ideas and make them, as well. 

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How to Determine Which Creative Type Are You? 

Now that we know the different creative types, their strengths, and the best people to collaborate with, let’s see how you can determine which creative type you are. If you want a quick and easy way, Adobe has a quiz that you can take. Just type “creative type test” so you can take the quiz which provides you with immediate results. 


Some people may not realize that everyone has a certain number of traits that make them more creative. We hope that this article will help you answer the question “which creative type are you?” There are eight types, and sometimes you can be a combination of multiple types.

The best way you can determine your creative type is by taking the test provided by Adobe. We hope that you can find your creative type and learn more about these traits in order to apply your strengths in your field of work and make your job more exciting. 

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