Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun - Do you agree?

Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun - Do you agree?

Talking about creativity often brings us to art. When you hear about creativity, you probably start thinking about paintings, sculptures, music, poems, literature, and performing arts. However, this ability is actually a crucial life skill for success that can help you overcome almost anything. One of the world’s most known geniuses, Albert Einstein, once said that “creativity is intelligence having fun.” Is it true? Of course, we believe whatever a genius says however, we will dive deeper into this later on to prove that being creative is the reason why we have so many good things in this world. We never stopped developing. As humans, it is in our nature to take risks and experiment for the well-being of our future. We are never afraid to imagine and expand our horizons. So, how is creativity related to intelligence? That’s what we will find out through the lens of the famous genius and physicist - Albert Einstein. So if you wanna learn more, keep on reading to help those creative juices flowing!

Creativity encompasses far more than simply art; creative people are inherently clever. Many individuals nowadays are so focused on their work that they have forgotten about pleasure, play, and creative hobbies. This tendency has harmed our ability to come up with innovative answers, which is why we occasionally find ourselves lost in pointless ideas. Change that and choose a creative recreational passion for oneself. To give you a jumpstart, we've put together this useful article wherein we discuss the concept beneath Albert Einstein's famous phrase, “creativity is intelligence having fun.” 

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Everybody has a unique amount of creativity that we employ on a daily basis without even realizing it. If you think about it for a moment, it will make a huge impact. For instance, while dealing with a variety of problems in many aspects of our lives, we prefer to go with the wave. However, there are instances when that stream of waves may be channeled in a way that benefits everyone. All we have to do now is adapt to whatever life throws at us. The current habit of "following the crowd," which you see on social media every day, is unhealthy. You must take control of the situation. Start by actively participating in your role and challenging your brain's capacity to handle certain situations where your creativity can shine.

The History Behind the Famous Phrase

Behind the famous phrase, “creativity is intelligence having fun” goes a long history but let us summarize that for you. Based on the accounts of Elsa Einstein, his second wife and his cousin, Einstein was deeply in love with playing the violin. He was deeply inclined with playing music and it helped him create the world’s most famous equation: E=mc^2. Such would help him build the solid foundation for the theory of relativity, win him the famous Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921, and help him become the icon of modern physicists and geniuses. 

However, behind that genius lies a creative person as well. As mentioned, he was a big fan of music, he even played the violin and the piano. Accordingly, there is strong proof, and actual quotations from Professor Einstein himself, that his passion for music influenced his intellectual growth and productivity during his lifetime. Some might say that he developed his famous theories, including the famous equation, while playing his violin. 

Much like his mother, Einstein was a very talented musician and until the end of his life, he enjoyed playing the violin with his family and friends. His favorite composers were Mozart and Bach.

Moral of the story? Music can trigger your brain in performing well which gives you inspiration to undertake whatever you desire to create. So just be passionate with what you do and be open-minded from your inspiration. Try playing Mozart, too! You don’t have to play the violin or the piano, you just have to be imaginative because remember, creativity is intelligence having fun!

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How is Creativity and Intelligence Related from Each Other?

First, let us distinguish the difference between creativity and intelligence. Accordingly, intelligence is defined as the capacity to acquire and utilize information and knowledge. Historically, we often measure intelligence through IQ (Intelligence Quotient) tests and the higher you score, the more intelligent you are. Meanwhile, creativity is defined in many ways. It is a skill as well as the ability to come up with different concepts, ideas, and solutions that will help in improving a situation or solving a single problem. Creativity means that you must apply previous knowledge to a new scenario and efficiently filter through the many possibilities. Of course, prior knowledge is one that anyone with an IQ over a certain level may acquire. It is also about multilateral thinking where a person thinks outside the box. It is synonymous with the words innovative, imaginative, spontaneous, and many more. It’s harder to measure a person’s creativity than intelligence. 

However, recent studies show that the two are interconnected with one another. Meaning, a creative person is likely to be more intelligent than those people who are not as creative. According to research, the connection between intelligence and creativity is that both are brain processes that analyze information to find answers or solutions to a problem. Intelligence and creativity are two distinct skills, yet they support one another.

Key Insights

Indeed, creativity is intelligence having fun. The way we perceive the world, what we think, how we amuse ourselves, how we improve our talents, and how we prepare for the future are all examples of creativity. Scientists have revealed through research that when we think creatively, certain areas of our brain light up. These areas are parts that indicate our intellectual and creative capabilities. 

So, do not be afraid to go crazy with your ideas because the sky and your imagination are your only limits. You don’t have to develop the next big great thing yet (but maybe you should!), you just have to stimulate your existence using your creative senses to make your life more joyful and meaningful. 

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