Changing hobbies for your mental health

Changing hobbies for your mental health

We are all aware that it might be tough to find time for oneself and engage in things that we like. However, immersing ourselves in a hobby is important to take care of our sanity and to make life less monotonous. It is not only a way to pass the time or enjoy some moments for self-care, it is actually scientifically proven that hobbies can help you cope with hardships and emotions that are difficult to deal with, especially when your hobby is inclined towards the creative arts. A pastime is the finest way to spend your free time and decompress from the stresses of everyday life. Anything can be a hobby, but we need to acknowledge that not all hobbies are considered good and healthy for our mental health well-being. 

There’s binge watching TV shows and movies on Netflix, browsing the internet, online shopping, and spending: these are some of the so-called hobbies or guilty pleasures most people do in order to pass the time and relieve stress. However, is it really helpful and good for you? It may benefit you for hours, minutes, or days but the truth is, it will not really benefit you in the long run. Instead, a purposeful hobby such as photography, journaling, drawing, and painting will provide more meaning to your life and improve your well-being. So in this article, let’s discuss the importance of changing hobbies for your mental health through art.

Allotting some time to doing creative things that you like can help your mental health. According to research, persons who have hobbies are less likely to feel stressed, experience a poor mood, loneliness and it even lessens the symptoms of depression. Creative activities that get you out of the house might make you happier and more calm. Thus, engaging in hobbies with other people through group creative activities such as painting lessons, dancing classes, and so on might help you improve your communication abilities and interpersonal intelligence.

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Why Changing Hobbies for Your Mental Health through Art is Good

  1. It allows you to manage stress effectively:

    Anxiety, stress, and depression are three of the most frequent mental health issues in today's world. This is related to the hectic pace of our lives. The hardest part about the three is that they are more than simply mental health issues. They can also have a negative impact on your physical health. While stress and anxiety is normal at low levels on a sporadic basis, it can be dangerous once your stress and anxiety levels become higher and simultaneous, which leads to a bigger problem: depression. Discovering a pastime that you like might help you relieve stress and anxiety. When you relax your head and get away from all of your unpleasant thoughts,  creative hobbies allow you to slow down the speed of your life by engaging in self-care or "me-time" activities. As a result, creative hobbies will help you relax and take a break from your day to genuinely enjoy what you're doing at the present moment.

  2. Creative hobbies releases eustress:

    If the rest of your life is rather dull or unappealing, hobbies may bring significance and enjoyment while also breaking up a monotonous schedule. In other words, hobbies can give exactly the perfect level of difficulty in our day-to-day living that can challenge and inspire us to improve and become a better person each day. Not all types of stress are bad because eustress exists, a beneficial type of stress that a person can experience. Accordingly, hobbies give a good amount of eustress, the positive and healthy form of stress that everyone needs in order to stay passionate about our daily lives.

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  3. Arts and other creative pursuits helps you build connections on a social level:

    Changing hobbies for your mental health through arts will not only leave an impact on you personally, but it can also provide a positive impact around our community. We may become isolated as we age due to a lack of social ties, such as friends, family, and employment, as well as other limits, such as declining physical health. With the threat of the pandemic and quarantine restrictions, the world feels even lonelier because not everything that we used to do is allowed for now which leads us further down the spiral of sadness. Individuals in their senior years can renew their support networks and extend existing connections in their areas by participating in arts and other creative activities. Keeping in touch with people might help to alleviate feelings of isolation and loneliness. This is also true in nursing homes, where arts activities and art therapy may assist promote social contacts between patients and staff, improving morale and wellness.

  4. The arts can also improve your cognitive abilities:

    Many people think that creativity is useless for the intellect but actually, it is the contrary. These two are actually interrelated with one another and creative people are more likely to be more intelligent than those who are less creative. Being able to express oneself creatively via art activates areas of the brain responsible for intellect. Especially in terms of knowledge, problem-solving, critical thinking, attention span, and memory. Challenges and hurdles exist in art as well, and when given the time to ponder, you search for methods to tackle them. You may improve your problem-solving skills over time, and you will be able to discover innovative solutions for everyday difficulties in your daily life as a result of the lessons you've learned during the artistic process.

Key Takeaways

As mental health awareness becomes more important and as the stigma decreases each year, many people are beginning to recognize that the arts and culture may play an important role in assisting people who are suffering from everyday stress, anxiety, and mental illnesses. Changing hobbies for your mental health through arts, creative social activities, and creating a network of creative people around you may help you overcome struggles you face on a daily basis such as loneliness. It can increase our self-esteem and make us feel more involved in our society and resilient in tough times, especially at this time of the pandemic.

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