woman painting paint by numbers landscape

Capture Your Favorite Memories into Art through Painting by Numbers

The Fun of Losing Yourself in Painting by Numbers

A photograph is good, but a painting? That's artistic! Capture that perfect moment with a picture and seal it in with a painting.

woman painting paint by numbers landscape

Painting by numbers is an amazing way to relax and improve your creative skills along the way. Whether you are a skilled artist or just a beginner, you can easily complete a painting by following a simple set of instructions. With just a few brush strokes combined with your playful imagination, your blank canvas will slowly take form and turn into a stunning picture.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

Why Painting by Numbers is Easy To Enjoy

Painting by numbers is a mix between the concept of coloring books and painting on a canvas, and it's a fun activity that lets anyone enjoy the wonderful process of creating art. Each drawing on the canvas has several outlines divided into segments of different shapes and sizes, and these sections have a specific number and a corresponding color for you to paint and fill in.

 woman holding paint by number paints with paintbrush for painting at home

As easy as 1, 2, 3, you can try your hand at painting and see art that you never thought you could do through painting by numbers. And because it's so easy to follow, painting by numbers makes art accessible to everyone. From kids to adults, skilled artists, and beginners, this is the perfect way for everyone to experience art. 

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

Quick Tips For Choosing The Best Photo For Your Paint by Numbers Kit

  1. Choose high-quality close-ups with good lighting, sharpness & contrast: The final painting will only be as good as the image that you put in, so make sure to choose carefully. Your photo should have good lighting and the focus on your picture should be on the main figure instead of its background and surroundings. 

  2. Make sure that the background is simple: Aside from choosing a photo with optimal lighting, contrast, and colors, it's also equally important to select a picture with a fairly simple background. The details and colors on your kit will focus mainly on the subject as long as you choose an image with plain surroundings. On the other hand, choosing a cluttered background will take away details and colors from the subject.
    woman taking a bright and clear photo of herself with white dog
  3. Be mindful of the colors and shadows on your photo: A fact that people tend to miss is that pictures taken against the light, dark indoor areas, or faces with shadows rarely turn out well when it comes to painting by numbers. When choosing a photo, keep in mind to avoid photos distorted by filters, shadows, and the like. You want to make sure that the colors on your photos are as accurate and vibrant as possible.  

  4. Lastly, pick the right image dimensions for the size of your canvas: Since the usual dimensions of a personalized Paint by Numbers kit is 16 x 20 inches or 40 x 50 cm, it’s also important to select a picture with a 4:5 aspect ratio for portrait photos, and 5:4 for landscape images. By following the right dimensions for cropping, all important sections in your photo will be visible on the canvas.

    Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

Paint by Number Kits as The Perfect Gift for Loved Ones

Aside from being a relaxing activity, Paint by Numbers is also a timeless gift that anyone from your family can enjoy. Whether it's a holiday, birthday, or an anniversary gift, these paint by numbers kits are the perfect go-to presents for your family and friends.

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The Benefits You Can Get from Painting by Numbers

According to experts, Paint by Numbers is also helpful for your mental health and emotional intelligence. It helps you reduce anxiety, create focus, and promote brain relaxation. Overall, painting by numbers not only gives you a fun experience but also boosts your brain function. 

Now, are you ready to begin your Paint by Numbers journey? Let's help you start and find where to get yours!

Where to Get Your Paint by Number Kits

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Custom Paint by Numbers Kit