Best Canvas Painting Ideas For Beginners

Best Canvas Painting Ideas For Beginners

Painting is a fun activity, but coming up with ideas isn’t the easiest thing. Here are the best canvas painting ideas for beginners. 

When starting a new hobby, coming up with ideas for how to keep these activities interesting isn’t always fun. In this article, we discuss how painting is fun and provide the best canvas painting ideas for beginners; as well as tips for painting with acrylic paint. 

Painting is fun, and is easy to learn if you really take the time to learn how to mix colors and place your shapes, however, if you’re the type of person who needs canvas painting ideas, we have your back. 

 Canvas Painting Ideas

  1. Chevron Paintings: These types of paintings are easy to make because all you need to create the chevron shape is some tape and your acrylic paint. Aside from that, you can also create alternating colors for your pattern, and even elevate the style by using metallic paint. This idea is ideal if you want to use your painting as decor for your minimalist living room area. 

  2. Abstract painting: Another great canvas painting idea is abstract paintings. For this style of painting, you can go freehand and paint whatever your heart desires. You can also use this idea as a bonding moment if you have kids and you want them to learn how to paint. However, you can plan out your shapes in advance so that you have a general idea of the placement you want for your final output. It would also be ideal if you choose a color scheme before you start painting so you don’t end up with too many mismatched layers of paint. 

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  3. Still-life: This may not be the most beginner-friendly idea, but we think that this is a great challenge if you want to level up your painting skills. The main problem people have with still-life paintings is that you have to rely on what you see, rather than what you remember; and if you don’t have a background in shapes and dimensions, you may find the concept difficult. However, this is a great test if you have some background in painting and you want to learn more about how to get dimensions in your artwork, or if you like fruits. 

  4. Mountain Landscape Paintings: If you’re a hiker and you miss the great outdoors but are staying home, then you might want to try painting the view. The nice thing about landscapes is that you can change some elements, and the picture would still look nice, compared to still-life. This is also a great way to preserve memories from your last hike, and can also serve as inspiration to visit again once it’s safe for people to go outside. Mountains are majestic, and all of them have features that make them so different and yet they have the same peaceful energy. 

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  5. Geometric paintings: This idea is for those of you that enjoy geometric patterns, or even enjoy math. Geometrical patterns make for interesting decoration because you can use any shape you want and incorporate that into your painting. For some, painting does require some background in geometry because it can help you determine the depth of an object, and allow you to add dimension to your paintings. However, you don’t have to be a math genius to understand how to place triangles on your canvas, but knowing the measurement will make it easier if you’re going for a more abstract design. 

Why Painting on Canvas is Better

Some art companies will tell you that painting on clay is also better if you want a fun time, and while we do agree that this is a fun activity, we find that learning how to paint on canvas is easier if you’re a beginner.

Since canvas is larger, you have more space to work, and it’s easier for you to plan out patterns or ideas. Aside from that, the larger surface area will make it difficult for you to accidentally smudge your work. 

When you’re better, you can work on mugs and bowls, but while you’re starting, we suggest going for canvas boards until you get better with your shapes and shading. 


Learning how to paint is fun, and we believe that knowing what you want to paint will make it easy, especially if you’re new. We hope that you find inspiration in our best canvas painting ideas for beginners. Let us know which idea you choose!

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