Benefits of Paint by Numbers for Your Kids

Benefits of Paint by Numbers for Your Kids

Teaching kids how to paint is a great and effective way for them to acquire new skills, develop cognitive abilities, and many more. However, art classes can be expensive and school is not just all about creating art because it is mostly academics. So, if you want your kids to learn how to paint, there are some alternatives that you can try. Kids are fast learners and by allowing them to experience painting first-hand regardless of their skills, you're already teaching them how to paint. If you see an artistic potential in them, we recommend that you allow them to practice using paint by numbers kits. In this article, let’s talk about why you should consider paint by numbers for your kids. It will facilitate learning while unleashing their inner creativity. Continue reading to learn more about this topic!

Thanks to these beloved pastime hobby kits, the art of painting became accessible to everyone regardless of skill set and age. Now, Paint by Numbers for Kids has gotten as popular as Paint by Numbers for adults because it helps in their development not just in creativity, but also in other ways. It can even be used as a tool to teach math but in a more engaging way for kids. 

One of the reasons why you should consider paint by numbers for your kids is that it gives them a fun and creative activity that would pass their time without the use of their gadgets. For most parents, the task of keeping their children off their iPads and other gadgets is a very difficult task, especially during boring days. Surely, these kits will keep your child engaged in painting for hours so the way they typically spend their time wouldn’t be the same – it’s much more healthy and productive!

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Can PBN Kits Really Teach My Children How to Paint?

Many parents wonder if paint by numbers kits can really teach their children how to paint. And our answer is yes. Kits come with the complete basic painting materials including a set of acrylic paint, three basic brushes, a pre-printed canvas that will guide your children when painting.

Accordingly, many adults who aspire to be artists use this kit as a basic training for them to learn the fundamentals of painting– how to hold a brush properly, how to blend colors, how to control your brushwork, and many more. Remember, before they learn the advanced concepts of painting, your kids need to know the basics first so that they’ll have a solid foundation in the field.

Even the master painter Leonardo da Vinci himself used the paint-by-number technique to teach his students the basics of painting which was the real inspiration of the original creator of the kits, Dan Robbins.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

Different Reasons Why You Should Consider Paint by Numbers for Your Kids

  1. It teaches kids how to be patient:  

    We all know the cliche, “patience is a virtue.” In this world that is fastly evolving due to modern technology and as life gets complicated each day, teaching children how to be patient is an important lesson, especially teaching them that waiting is a difficult task for kids. In the short run, teaching children patience can help them resist impulsive behavior and other negative reactions. According to research, impatience is one of the factors that predicts a variety of long-term issues. With Paint by Numbers for kids, children are being taught to be patient because they need to do the creative process by themselves step-by-step with no shortcut. In the end, a sense of achievement and a longer span of patience. 

  2. Aids in the enhancement of fine motor skills development:

    Simple motor exercises include artistic activities such as drawing, painting, and coloring.   Similarly, using paint by numbers kits for children, a child gains these vital abilities by learning to choose the correct color, understand numbers, paint inside the lines, and control the paint brush to color the canvas. While your children are learning how to paint inside the outlines on the canvas, they are improving their hand-eye coordination at the same time. This may be fostered by focusing their attention on the areas they're painting and ensuring that their hand movement corresponds to their sight.

  3. Teaches children how to follow instructions:

    Alongside patience, Paint by numbers teaches children how to follow directions to produce a finished project. Kids learn how to organize in order to achieve the greatest end product possible, such as starting painting from the top to minimize smearing or using various brushes for various colors. Learning how to obey sequential instructions is useful in many aspects of their life.

  4. A great combat for stress, sadness, and anxiety:

    Just because they’re young doesn’t mean that they’re excluded from experiencing stress, sadness, and anxiety. One of the most obvious and significant benefits of painting is its anti-stress effect: kids' are able to express themselves and their feelings through a preferred method that does not risk colliding with others or being misinterpreted. Thus, painting may serve as a form of therapy for children who are experiencing a range of emotions, especially if they are having a hard time expressing their true feelings. Painting may assist your children to immerse themselves in the process, express their thoughts and communicate their emotions as they work their way through the use of paint by numbers kits.

  5. It improves cognitive abilities through brain movement:

    Both left and right hemispheres of the brain are being exercised whenever you paint. Not only does painting by numbers enhance your child’s creativity and imagination, it also helps them improve their logical skills, critical thinking abilities, as well as analytical skills. A simple tool, but a very useful, educational, and beneficial kit. 

Final Insights

We hope that this discussion about why you should consider paint by numbers for your kids entices you to purchase one for them to bring out the inner creative genius inside them while aiding them to develop holistically. Your kids will surely love these kits! 

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