Beginner’s Guide to Uses of Different Paint Brushes

Beginner’s Guide to Uses of Different Paint Brushes

Have you entered an art store to buy one or two paintbrushes and when you go to the brush section, you suddenly feel overwhelmed with all the brushes that you see? Well, every artist probably experienced this at some point. You might have asked these questions: which brush should I choose? How do they work? How do they function? How long do they last? And how do you maintain them? Well, if you are looking for the answers to these questions, look no further because we will discuss them all today in this article. Continue reading to know more about the uses of different brushes in painting to become a better artist!


The world of art is magnificent but it can be complex and complicated. From the painting mediums to the use of different brushes, there is so much to learn about this creative pursuit. It is a lifelong learning process where you never stop learning. Many people are daunted by the idea of starting painting because they simply don’t know where to start. Now, let us help you to get started by informing you about the uses of different brushes in painting so that you can select a painting medium afterwards.

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Why Can’t We Just Use Two or Three Brushes For Everything?

If you want to create a really good painting with varied textures and style to give an aesthetically-pleasing dimension, then investing in a lot of brushes is a must. Of course, you must have the basic line of brushes as well as specialty brushes to achieve maximum results. Thus, there are certain textures and effects that are not achievable by one brush but can be achieved by another.

How Many Brushes Should You Own?

It depends on the type of painting style that you want to pursue. But as a beginner, you should own the basic line of paint brushes which will be discussed below. A minimum of 10 brushes will do. To save you money, you can purchase paint brush sets instead of buying them individually so that you can save about half the price and it’s more convenient on your end, too. 

Thus having a minimum of 10 assorted basic brushes can make the painting process easier. You don’t have to constantly clean the brush in order to proceed to a new color. Instead, you can use a different one to save you time from cleaning. It will also spare your brushes from getting destroyed easily too.

The Basic Line and Uses of Different Brushes in Painting

  1. Round brush: The most common and flexible type of brush. Every painter needs to have this type because it can be used for many functions and designs. They are great for lining, washing, and painting areas almost anywhere in your canvas.

  2. Flat brush: This type of brush is perfect for painting large areas due to its wide coverage but not so thick bristles, which are perfect if you want to have a smooth, almost texture-free paint finish. This is also perfect for varnishing when you’re done with your painting.

  3. Angled brush: It is a variation of a flat brush that has a clean-cut slanted edge. It functions the same as a flat brush but it can paint hard to read areas on the side and these are perfect for arches, curves, precise strokes, and extremely thin lines.

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  4. Filbert brush: This brush is characterized by a rounded chiseled edge with a crescent shape for its head. It is good for holding thick amounts of paints with heavy colors. Thus, they produce thick and bold brushstrokes giving you a good coverage of paint in areas where you need it.

  5. Fan brush: As the name implies, this type of brush has a fan-shaped head. This brush is your best friend when painting trees, grass,  leaves, and smooth blending and smooth finishing colors. Thus, this type of brush is also great when creating unique textural effects perfect for painting realistic nature objects and animals.

  6. Liner brush: This brush is characterized by very thin bristles, perfect for outlining your painting and doing the smaller details because of how small and thin the brush is. It resembles a round brush, but it’s like a small and mini version of it. Thus, this brush is also great if you want to practice lettering using paint.

These are six basic paint brushes that you can use to begin creating painting. Of course, they come in different sizes so that they have a wider range of use.

Maintaining Your Brushes

Knowing the proper uses of different brushes is one thing, and learning how to maintain them is another. Usually, paint brushes last about six months depending on the brush and how you take care of it. Let us show you some tips and tricks on how to take care of your brushes for them to last long.

- Clean them immediately after usage.
- Don't place them underwater with the bristles on the bottom. Instead, lay them flat on a clean surface.
- When storing the brushes, store them vertically with the bristles facing up.
- Never let mediums (especially acrylic paints) dry on the brushes.

Key Takeaways

Painting is fun and full of learning. We hope that this short yet comprehensive guide about the uses of different brushes in painting enlightens you about the complexity of this field. Start your creative journey today and try to practice using the basic brushes so that you can move forward and use specialty brushes to make your paintings look more unique, dimensional, and interesting.

Now, go and start your artistic journey and have fun with the process!

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