Art, People, and Society: How Art Influences Us

Art, People, and Society: How Art Influences Us

Can you imagine what the world would be like without art? The world would not be as colorful– it would be mundane, boring, and less exciting. Art truly is one of the greatest gifts to humanity.  It is what human experience is all about— we crave for it, we look for it, and we always have the need to make it. Art offers meaning to our existence and it aids in our understanding of the world and people around us. It is an important aspect of our society because it helps us understand our feelings, thoughts, and subconscious better; develops our identity, and encourages us to welcome change as well as be open to new experiences and ideas. Moreover,  art continues to widen our horizons and perspectives to show us that anything is possible through creativity. All these show that art is not just magical, it is also life-changing. Most artists see art differently, depending on how it touched them on a personal level. We often wonder how art influences you as a person so that's what this article is all about. If you wanna learn more about how art impacts people on a personal level, keep on reading this article to know more.


Different art forms, may it be visual art (painting, sculpture, prints, etc.), music, literature, film, theater, and so forth, are sometimes seen as the storehouse of a culture's collective consciousness. Art captures what fact-based historical accounts cannot: how it felt to be in a certain location at a specific time. Art has an impact on society through altering people's ideas, teaching ideals, and transferring sensations across place and time. According to studies, art has an impact on one's core sense of self. It becomes a part of people’s personality and values which they communicate through the medium of their choice. In this way, art is also a form of communication; it allows individuals from various cultures and eras to connect with one another through sights, sounds, and tales. Thus, art is frequently used as a platform to create changes in our society without violence and upheaval to the government. It has the potential to provide voice to those who are voiceless and powerless in our society. Any art form— song, painting, film, or literature can elicit strong emotions in individuals who hear it, encouraging them to take action for the better.

All these mentioned truly show how art influences you as a person: you become a different person but in a better way. Whenever we see it, there are strong chances that it will affect us in indescribable ways, providing social awakening that we never had before. 

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Different Ways How Art Influences You as a Person

  1. Art is an inspiration and motivation to be a better person:

    Oftentimes, when we think about inspiration and motivation, we usually think that these are requirements to create good art and not the effect of it. Actually, it can be both. Many people who see art at museums, exhibits, galleries, and other places inspire individuals to become artists themselves and create their own artworks. Art may act as an inspiration to ignite someone's creativity, ability, and expertise. It can help you overcome your anxieties and concerns about producing and encourage you to select an art medium to showcase your vision. Moreover, art may awaken a desire to create something beautiful and meaningful, to be a part of the art world who has inspired you and in turn, become an inspiration to other aspiring artists as well. 

  2. Art helps us see the wider picture:

    Everyone has their own biases and they are entitled to their own opinions. We often think about ourselves without regard to other people and our surroundings. By looking at other people’s art, in whatever form it may be, we see different stories, different perspectives, and we feel real emotions coming from real people. Art can help us develop a great sense of empathy for other people and at the same time, instill changes in the way we perceive certain things in this world. With such, we can realize that change is not a bad thing as long as we are heading in the right direction. Moreover, seeing the wider picture also enables us to think better, clearer, and more logically. Whenever we think creatively, we can come up with answers that we would not have thought of otherwise. It's like looking at a certain image, giving different meanings or interpreting it in different ways because there are more than one or two ways to interpret the world around us.

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  3. Art is a vehicle for social change:

    One book, one film, one song, or one photograph can change a person’s perspective. Your actions after the lessons that you’ve learned from those shows how art influences you as a person. Everyone has thought about changing the world. Regular people leading regular lives think that they do not have the enough power to do so but we just have to maximize the means that we have and use them as platforms to create a spark in our society. Many artists promoted art as a vehicle for social change. Using art provides a strong opportunity to communicate our shared humanity, to question stereotypes, to ignite discussion, to unite people from all backgrounds, to inspire change, to create new solutions, and to change the course of humanity in a different direction. 

  4. Art develops crucial cognitive abilities:

    When we mention art, many people will think about creativity and imagination. But art is more than that– it is often compared to science because it can also improve different cognitive abilities such as analytical skills, problem solving abilities, and critical thinking skills. Accordingly, there are some abilities that are not really taught or developed at schools such as being detail-oriented, observant, rational at presenting facts in arguments, being tolerant, and patience. Art may help you acquire these talents, which will make you a more liked and wise person in the long run. Studies have shown this to be true.

    Based on a 2011 research study by Education Next at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Northwest Arkansas, critical thinking skills can be improved through observing artworks. Of course, observing artworks does not only involve staring at the painting, but also looking at the details or doing a little research. This result was observed with the participants of the study who were children.

Final Insights

It is evident that exposing yourself to different art forms and creating artworks make you feel better, improves your mood, elicits happy feelings, and drives away negativity. Art brightens, makes the world more fascinating, exciting, and beautiful. Can you imagine a world without art, a home with no artworks, or a world without creativity and imagination? Without art, the world would be so boring. Art has a wonderful effect on you as a person. The list that we presented above has some of the ways art influences you as a person. Don't forget to tell your personal story about how art made a personal impact on your life to inspire others, especially children and aspiring artists!

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