Art Class 101: Getting Started with Paint By Number Kits

Art Class 101: Getting Started with Paint By Number Kits

As with most of the things people do, becoming an artist can be frustrating from time to time. It may seem like one of the most enjoyable things you can do, especially when you get paid from it, but artists go through a series of hardships. Painting is really fun and totally one of the best activities for creative minds, but it’s still not an easy task. Utilizing one of MiiCreative’s paint by number kits can make painting easier and more enjoyable for you.

What’s that you ask? A paint by numbers kit is basically a canvas with markings that indicate where to paint. Each of these areas has a number and each number has a corresponding color and you paint the areas accordingly. This kit really takes you back to pre-school where the teacher gave you a turtle drawing with only the contours and you started coloring it up. Paint by numbers made its appearance decades ago. The Paint by Numbers phenomena started around the 1950s when a man named Dan Robbins first created these sets. It was a huge hit and his company sold more than 12 million kits.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

Paint by number kits make painting easier. You have the freedom to choose what you can paint and we can even make it easier for you by creating a pre-printed canvas marked with contours and numbers. Thus, it can also help professional artists do something fun and get some inspiration at the same time. Also, painting by numbers is a great activity for non-artists who want to try different projects as a pastime.

These kits give everyone the opportunity to paint and create something creative and cool. With MiiCreative kits, you turn any photo you want into a pre-printed canvas, and you just paint by the numbers.

How Paint by Numbers Can Help Your Artistic Side Shine

  1. You have all the necessary equipment in front of you

    If you are an experienced painter, you most likely know what brushes, paints, and equipment you need before you start on a project. But, if you are just starting out or you’ve never painted before, choosing the right equipment can be hard. With MiiCreative’s paint by number kits, you have what you need in your package so you can be ready to start painting.

    - Brushes (small, medium, and large)
    - Acrylic paint set
    - Pre-drawn canvas

  2. You can learn color theory

    How can the colors mix together to create another color? How dark and light colors must be placed on the canvas to create a piece of art? How to play with different shadows and values? All these questions can be answered as you paint by the numbers. If you analyze why each color is the way it is, you’ll truly improve the way you paint on an empty canvas. You will be able to use 100% of each color’s power to achieve the best results possible.

    Custom Paint by Numbers Kit
  3. Helps you improve your brushwork

    Every brush has its own purpose. Some of them are obvious. You can’t start painting the background of the whole canvas with the smallest brush, just like you can’t fill up the small hole that’s missing somewhere with the biggest canvas. 

    But, these examples are simple to know. Therefore, with paint by number kits, you learn how to effectively use your brush and how to hold it right, in order to produce a positive outcome. This will help you take full control of your future paintings and projects.

  4. Explore new painting movements/styles

    With paint by number kits, you have the ability to paint every painting you want. You can paint a picture of your own, or you can recreate famous paintings that shaped the history of art.. That being said, you can paint basically anything you want and discover different styles of painting. Different eras had different styles and paint by number kits allows you to explore these styles and movements. Styles like modernism and impressionism and movements like De Stijl and vorticism are some good ideas for your next paint by number project.

  5. Confidence booster

    Whatever you do, you do it better with confidence. Do you play sports? Then you need some confidence to be the best player on the field. Inhale confidence and exhale doubt. When you put yourself in a situation out of your comfort zone, your confidence will likely decrease. Painting by numbers helps you go step by step. You can start from one of the easiest paintings to help you understand some basic principles of painting and then move on to harder ones. This way, your confidence will move up on the scale along with your painting skills. 

Paint by number kits are here to help

Whether you’re just a beginner or you have already developed strong painting foundations, paint by number is the best way to keep you busy. If you’d like to try painting on paint by number kits, hop on to MiiCreative right now and get your own package. Simply send your photo - anything you want, a photo you took, or a photo of a famous painting - to us, and we will take care of everything else. Paint by number is here to help you become the artist you want. Get yours now by clicking here.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit