Art 101: What Makes Paint-By-Numbers Unique?

Art 101: What Makes Paint-By-Numbers Unique?

Paint-by-number kits were invented around the late 1940s, but that doesn’t mean they’re obsolete. In this article, we discuss what makes paint-by-numbers unique. There’s more to these kits than meets the eye.

Some time around 2015-2016, coloring books for adults came out and became really popular. Along with that came the production of paint-by-numbers kits. With that, we don’t see these kits becoming obsolete any time soon. 

However, we have to wonder what makes paint-by-number unique? We know that it originated as a way to improve morale in people who were greatly affected by the World Wars, but now that it’s gained popularity again, what’s making it stick around?

We all love doing something that can make us feel relaxed. Painting is relaxing, but if you don’t know how to start, then it might be better for you to start out with a paint-by-numbers kit. 

Aside from that, it’s a great way to practice how to blend your colors and lay down thin layers if you’re new to the concept of painting. It also makes for a good gift if you are looking for a great gift for your creative friends or family members.

Art doesn’t have to be difficult if you want to get into it and paint-by-number kits are a great way to start. 

We hope that this article helps you enjoy paint-by-number kits more because we think they’re really fun for everyone. 

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Brief History of Paint-By-Numbers Kits:

Before we get into what makes paint-by-numbers unique, let’s share a brief history of how paint-by-number kits began. As we mentioned before, the kits were produced during the 1940’s to make people feel better about the ongoing war.

Paint-by-numbers kits were first created by Dan Robbins, an artist based in Detroit. He was commissioned by Klein to make a hobby kit that would promote paint sales from the company. He was able to come up with the idea by basing it on Leonardo Da Vinci’s method of teaching his students.

For his first kit, he painted and then placed a plastic sheet over it, and then traced the painting under the sheet. After that, he mass produced the kits and manufactured the first paint-by-numbers kit for everyone to try. 

After a while, the hype surrounding the kits died down, but we have seen it bounce back up in recent years. So now, let’s ask, what makes paint-by-numbers unique? 

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What Makes Paint-By-Numbers Unique?

Now that we know the brief history of paint-by-numbers kits, let’s talk about what makes them unique. We can all agree that paint-by-number kits are simple, but there’s more to these kits than meets the eye. Here are some of the things that makes paint-by-number kits unique: 

  1. The materials are always available: Hobby kits make your life easier because they come with all the materials you need to complete your paint-by-numbers kit. Aside from that, you can request for the paint to be given but you won’t have a difficult time with getting more paint.

  2. It accommodates all skill levels: Whether you’re a seasoned painter or someone who is just starting out with painting, these kits are easy to do and provide you with valuable lessons on how to learn color theory and blending colors.

  3. The kits are highly enjoyable: Finally, paint-by-numbers kits are unique because they’re a lot of fun. With the combination of coloring books and painting, it makes it more fun for all ages, and easy to do if you need a hobby that isn’t stressful. 


There are a lot of answers to what makes paint-by-numbers unique and we know for a fact that this is a great hobby to try if you want to get into a creative hobby. With that, it’s all very entertaining and something to consider if you ever want to learn how to paint. 

Getting into arts doesn’t have to be intimidating, and we have Dan Robbins to thank for producing these highly unique art kits. They provide a lot of comfort and fun and we’re happy to have them around for everyone to use and learn from. We hope you learned more about these kits. 

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