Art 101: What Is The Purpose of Abstraction In Art?

Art 101: What Is The Purpose of Abstraction In Art?

We see a lot of abstract art, but the question is, “what is the purpose of abstraction in art?” We know that these works of art aren’t as commonly seen in beginners, but we think that you can make it work. Let us know what you think about abstract art in the comments down below.

A lot of people say that there are no rules when it comes to art, but in some paintings, we see people follow certain standards when it comes to realism, impressionism, and expressionism.

However, abstract art has its own charm, and we believe it’s great if you’re not used to painting realistic images. But this is great if you want to do art that isn’t conventional, even though it is pretty unconventional in its own right.

Art doesn’t have to make sense, but we have to ask, what is the purpose of abstraction in art? We want to know about abstract art and why more people are into it.

We may not be well-versed in all the styles of art, but we believe that all styles are worth a try, and we see a lot of abstract art. Aside from that, you can always try abstract art if you need a break from trying to paint portraits.

All art styles deserve recognition, but it would be nice to know more about the history of abstract art, and why it remains relevant for beginners everywhere. Let us know if you’re interested in trying out abstract art or learning more about it.

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What Is Abstract Art?

Before we answer the question, “what is the purpose of abstraction in art?”, we want to answer what abstract art is. According to research, abstract art has been around for almost a century, which means it’s not a relatively new concept. 

Despite this, some people still struggle with understanding it and even shun it from time to time. Some artworks are created to tell a story, but that is not the case with abstract art. This form of art is not designed to be understood as a story but as an expression of emotion and imagination.

We understand that some people look to understand art, but to be honest, abstract art isn’t meant to be understood, just appreciated. We hope this makes you understand more about the concept of abstract art. 

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What Is The Purpose Of Abstraction In Art?

Now that we have defined what abstract art is, we want to answer, “what is the purpose of abstraction in art?” According to research, abstraction started around Impressionism and post-impressionism, which is why we’re happy to see that it has developed through the years.

Abstraction is the only form of creativity that doesn’t require deep understanding. It gives the brain a chance to just enjoy how art is expressed, rather than try to understand why the artist chose to create a certain piece.

Now, with abstract art, you can either love it or hate it with just one look, but that doesn’t mean that abstract art isn’t considered art.

We think that this style is capable of providing profound feelings, which is why we have a deep appreciation for people who create this type of art. Aside from that, anyone can create abstract art, and it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone other than the creator.

If you’re feeling highly emotional and need a good release, then you should try creating without trying to come up with a story. Nothing about abstract art is perfect, so just let it out and let yourself feel. 


Now that we know what abstract art is and have answered the question, “what is the purpose of abstraction in art?”, we hope you have a deeper understanding of why people create abstract art, and why we think it is necessary when you’re learning how to paint. 

We think that this form of art is great, and it’s something you should consider getting into if you’re not a fan of realism. Also, we think this is a great opportunity to create an abstract paint-by-numbers kit. Let us know what you think of abstract art in the comment section or email.

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