Art 101: What Does Paint-By-Numbers Mean?

Art 101: What Does Paint-By-Numbers Mean?

A lot of advertisements for paint-by-number kits have been popping up left and right on all social media platforms, so we have to ask, “what does paint-by-numbers mean?” We love these kits, so we hope that you understand why we love them and consider buying one for yourself. 

Paint-by-number kits seem to be increasing in popularity, and we can see just how well they’ve been advertised on different social media platforms. But the question is, what does paint-by-numbers mean?

At first glance, we know that this is similar to a coloring book that is filled in with paint rather than coloring pencils. It may seem really difficult because you need to learn how to blend colors and layer them.

We love how these kits are improving with technology but we know that some people are still on the fence about buying these kits. However, we know that these kits are worth it because we do know that these kits are fun and exciting if you want to get into painting.

If you’re wondering about these kits and are looking for a reason to buy one for yourself, we hope you read on and make decisions about whether or not you should buy a paint-by-numbers kit. 

Aside from that, paint-by-number kits are great if you need an activity that will help you de-stress from your daily routine. Let us know what you think about these kits and if you’re going to buy a kit for yourself or a friend.

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Are Paint-By-Number Kits Like They’re Advertised?

Before we answer, “what does paint-by-numbers mean?”,we’re going to let you know if these paint-by-number kits are just like the advertisements. The answer to this is yes, we know that these kits are just like they’re advertised.

Most companies that produce paint-by-number kits and customized kits provide the best quality of these professional kits because they love producing high-quality art kits. It takes a lot of trust to order paint-by-number kits online, but the only way to find out if the kits are just like they’re advertised is by reading reviews and finding out from people who have ordered before.

However, based on our experiences, these companies make good on their promises and deliver kits that are just like the ones they advertise, and most of the kits being used in the advertisements are from customers who have given consent to present their kits. 

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What Does Paint-By-Numbers Mean?

Now that we’ve answered whether the advertisements are true, let’s answer, “what does paint-by-number mean?” Based on the name alone, it is the art of painting by numbers. Much like a coloring book, you fill spaces with colors but using paint instead of oil pastels or coloring pencils.

These kits were first introduced in the 1950s by Dan Robbins, who released a book called, “Every Man A Rembrandt.” With that, they encouraged most Americans to order a kit and pick up a paint brush for the first time.

For a while, it seemed like the hype around paint-by-number kits died down, and people forgot about it. However, these kits went through a makeover and received new designs, as well as more sizes, which made it more appropriate for adults to try, as well.

We’re happy to see more adults buying these kits for when they’re stressed, and we think a lot of people would enjoy these kits, even if they aren’t stressed. Hobbies are always good to have, and we think these paint-by-number kits are great for any occasion. 


Now that we’ve answered, “what does paint-by-numbers mean?”, we hope that you have a clear answer to why you should get a kit for yourself. It may seem intimidating at first, but when you try these kits, you will feel a little more confident in your painting skills. 

The purpose of these kits was to encourage people to try painting without having to take any art lessons, and this is still true. If you want to try painting but don’t have time to take up lessons, then you may want to try them out when you have spare time alone.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit