Art 101: How Is Paint-By-Numbers Created?

Art 101: How Is Paint-By-Numbers Created?

We see paint-by-number kits everywhere on the Internet. Most articles discuss the benefits of these kits to stressed-out adults. We think a lot of people have wondered, how is paint by numbers created? We want to answer these questions, so please read on. 

Recently, a lot of ads for paint-by-number kits have been popping up, and they always look so fun. My favorite has got to be the company that provides customized paint-by-number kits for dogs, because, who doesn’t love dogs?

But we have to ask, how is paint by numbers created? We know that it was produced in the 1950s as an activity for children, but how did the creator come up with the idea to make a painting that has a guide for the colors? 

Even coloring books don’t have numbers unless they’re marketed for toddlers, so how did they know that these kits would be a hit for both children and adults alike? We want to know the answer to these questions too, so stick with us as we find the answer to how these professional art kits are created. 

We know that some people like to know how things are created before they purchase them, and we don’t find anything wrong with that. We think that paint-by-number kits are great, and we want to help people try this new hobby.

Let us know what you think of these paint-by-number kits and if you plan on trying them out for your hobby.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

What Is Paint-By-Numbers?

Before we go into the answer to the question, “how is paint by numbers created,” we’re going to talk about what paint-by-number kits are. From the ads, we’re sure you can tell that these are blank canvases with numbers on top that indicate where to place the color that has the corresponding number. 

However, these kits weren’t primarily created for adults, and were first created as a toy for children. But, if we’re completely honest, they were also created to be a conduit to sell more paint. Since then, people all over have had the pleasure of painting kits with the help of numbers and having a product that looked passable for someone with little to no skills in painting. 

To know more about these kits, look up our previous articles on the history of paint-by-numbers and the benefits of these kits for stressed out adults. 

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

How Is Paint-By-Numbers Created?

Now that we’ve given a brief description of what these kits are, we want to answer the question, “how is paint by number created?” As we mentioned, these kits were produced to sell more paint, and the first paint-by-numbers kit was created by Dan Robbins. 

Dan Robbins was a Detroit-based artist who worked for Klein, an art supply company that supplied some paintings, as well. While the sales of the company were doing well, the owner of the company, Max Klein was considering the best way to increase the sales of paint, especially during the time of the World War. 

So, as a way to boost morale and the sales of paint, Max Klein commissioned Dan Robbins to create an art kit that would come with a set of paint, and a canvas. However, the question was, how would Robbins create the first paint-by-numbers kit?

It took some time to figure out, but he studied Leonardo Da Vinci’s method closely, where he employed the use of numbers to teach his students how to paint. 

Here is the summary of how Dan Robbins created his first kit: 
- Painted a simple image.
    - Placed a plastic sheet over the finished painting and traced the shape of the painting on the plastic. 
      - Assigned numbers to the shapes that corresponded with different colors. 

      After some trial and error, Robbins was able to produce his first kit, with the release of “Every Man A Rembrandt.” 

      Key Takeaways

      Knowing the history of paint-by-numbers is important in remembering how one man was able to inspire Americans to paint like Rembrandt without taking an art class. It may have taken some time to figure out the process, but once it was done, we can finally understand the answer to the question, “how is paint by numbers created.” 

      We know that a lot of people are stuck at home, which is why we suggest it to everyone. Let us know what you think down below and if you are planning to try these paint-by-number kits or give it as a fun gift.

      Custom Paint by Numbers Kit