woman painting house outdoors in garden

A List Of More Easy Things To Paint On A Canvas You Can Try!

woman painting house outdoors in garden

Painting as a novice can make you feel anxious, and even cause a bit of creative block. And if you’re feeling this way right now, then there’s no need to feel embarrassed! Even professionals experience these types of episodes

Starting from scratch can be worrisome, but you can put your mind at ease. We’re here to help you get over that creative block by presenting another list of more easy things to paint on a canvas! 

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Easy Painting Inspirations You Can Find At Home

Presuming that you’re stuck in one place because of quarantine protocols, we figured that it’s good practice to observe the surroundings around you and find motivation within the walls of your own home. Which is why we compiled a number of easy things to paint on a canvas to inspire you without going outside.

clear lightbulb inspiration on chalkboard

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Your Bedroom

Learning how to paint by copying your bedroom, and the objects within the space can teach you a lot about dimensions and attention to detail. If you researched a bit about drawing or painting, then you’re probably aware of the importance of dimensions in art. This is especially true when it comes to translating a three dimensional space. Using different techniques to produce spatial effects will make the two dimensional paintings convincing and a tad bit realistic. 

bedroom with painting of plants behind bed

Your favorite item

If you haven’t figured out what to paint yet, and are looking for easy things to paint on a canvas, then you should try choosing a favorite item to paint. Doing so will help you learn the basics of painting like color values, shadows, color-mixing and strokes. However, once you begin, it’s easy to get side-tracked or get bored. This’ll make you feel indisposed, and cause you to stop mid-painting. Nevertheless, don’t let this feeling overcome your willingness to paint and push yourself to really finish it until the very end. 

different items frequently used

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A Cloth Draped Over Furniture

Old masters like Mantegna, Caravaggio, and many others made use of fabrics or drapes to express emotion and tell stories. This caused some professional artists to believe that mastering this painting technique is an important building block in developing your skills. That’s why clothing draped over furniture is a perfect subject to use at home! You can use it to practice by changing the drape’s position accordingly. Always keep in mind that painting is a process, especially recreating drapes and folds. It can be challenging at first, but the more you develop this technique, the better it will look over time. 

white room with brown cloth draped over table

Key Takeaway:

Learn the ability by doing. Painting, just like every other skill, requires time, effort and dedication. With this in mind, it’s usually the best strategy to have fun and build good habits while in the process of choosing easy things to paint on a canvas. Find out which techniques and styles work for you. The more you try to apply them, the more you learn! 

woman holding brush painting custom paint by numbers with acrylic paints

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