A guide on things you need when painting

A guide on things you need when painting

Painting is an inspirational activity through which you can come up with great designs. It is easy to carry out painting, especially when you have the right materials. Painting needs to be done simply and it also needs to deliver the intended message. Many artists will call it allowing the painting to be complete by itself. For beginners, it can be challenging to shop for the materials needed. This is particularly true due to the fact that you have to select from several painting supplies. 

Well, this shouldn't be the case. All you require is to know the things you need when painting and why you need them. For that case, you need valid information regarding the painting supplies. This article is here to help you find the supplies that you need for your painting and some basic info on how to use them.

Important aspects to check painting Supplies

When selecting paint supplies, you will have to consider some features. This is to ensure that you get quality supplies that will produce excellent paintings. This section will help you to navigate through supplies and distinguish between those you need to deliver professional artwork and those that won’t.

  • Quality – The quality of the supply is a vital need to ensure it performs well. To check for quality, look at the materials and ensure they are sturdy. You don't want some simple supplies that will do shoddy work. For this case, buying cheap materials can result in disappointments. It is better to spend some more dollars and get quality items.

  • Brands – Many brands have different products in the market to compete for preference among different artists. While all the manufacturers are doing their best to produce quality supplies, some brands are way better than others. This is due to different techniques in use to make the items.

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  • Price – Regarding the price, you ought to work around your budget. But, don’t go too low because you need an amount that will give you a reasonable set of items. Cheap is expensive and this will be the case if you go for cheaper supplies. The best way to do this is to look for cheaper alternatives that make the work done look professional. You can do this by checking out reviews.

  • What artwork are you making? – This is the question you need to ask yourself. This is a key consideration, especially given the fact that different artworks need supplies modified to suit them. There is no need to prepare items you will not use.

The Items you need to start Painting

If you want to start painting, you are one step closer to achieving your goal. This section will help you determine the things you need when painting. This will be essential to ensure you do not spend on items that aren't necessary. Here goes the list!


As always paint is necessary for any painting job.  For a start, it is recommended to start with paint that is easier to use and simple to mix. In this case, the acrylic paints will be a great option to use. They are pre-mixed thus giving you a simple way to start your painting journey. Later, you can advance to mediums like watercolors, gouache, and oil paint.


Your best friend in painting is the paintbrushes. There are many types of brushes that you can use. You have to choose the correct brush that matches the paint that you are using. What you also need to consider is the size, hair type, and shape.

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Painting Surface

The painting medium is another thing you need when painting. From a basic understanding, you cannot do without this. Even if you have all the other supplies, the platform to paint on will always be necessary. The popular surface to use is the canvas that is available in a variety of sizes. Then we have the wood panels and paper which can work well as alternatives.


A palette is simply a surface that an artist uses to mix paints. They are available in many designs for use with different paints. Choose the one that is linked to the paint you’re using.

Paper Towel

Painting spills are almost inevitable, even for expert painters. That is why it is essential to have a paper towel or a rag to clean the mess as soon as it happens. A paper towel is also vital to blot excess water from the paintbrush. When changing colors, the towel also helps to wipe the paintbrush.

Water Jar

A water jar is another thing on the list you need when painting. To keep the paintbrush moist, you will consistently need to dip it in water. The best recommendation is a clear jar that will be easier to monitor when the water gets dirty. This will help you notice early so you can replace it with clean water. To minimize the expenses, you can use an old plastic cup in your home.

Paint Brush Soap

After finishing the painting, you are ready to do the cleaning. Wash your brushes with soap and water then be sure they are clean. For better cleaning, you will need paintbrush soap. These soaps are specifically for cleaning the brushes and due to this, they have special components that ensure the brush is clean.


With the above items, you are good to start painting. Even though the things you need when painting will vary depending on the artwork you are working on. The above items are necessary and a must for any painting job. If you have any painting project, the above accessories are all you need to have in order to get a great design.

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