Comprehensive Paint By Numbers Custom Designs

Comprehensive Paint By Numbers Custom Designs

Whether you are a painter or not, Paint By Numbers Custom Designs can be a really fun way to spend your extra time. Because of the problems we face globally due to Covid-19, we are trying to find ways to keep us occupied and painting by numbers has proven to be helpful. Continue reading this article if you want to learn more about Paint By Numbers Custom Designs and how to get the best results out of them.

Paint equipment on a white table

Basically, PBNs custom designs are canvases with pre-printed contours with each shape having a number. Your job is to paint every shape with the color that corresponds to the number of the shape. Let’s say for example number 1 equals red and number 2 equals blue. You paint red to each shape with the number 1 in it and blue to each shape with the number 2 and you end up with a beautiful painting.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

Suppose that it’s your friend’s birthday next month. Creating one of our Paint By Numbers Custom Designs with a picture of you and your friend would be the perfect present. Or maybe you want to start decorating your house with something memorable and nice. A painting with all of your family members won’t be a bad idea, right? Anyone can paint with the help of  Paint By Numbers and you can add a personal touch to it with PBN Custom Designs. So if you want to get started then head over to MiiCreative and follow the instruction and tips we have for you below to create a successful PBN Custom Design.

Painting equipment close up

Your picture

Now, when it comes to creating the best Paint By Numbers artwork, the first and only thing to keep in mind is the picture you upload. We have some guidelines that we think you should consider to make the best out of your painting:

  • Make sure that the picture is not blurry and has good brightness, contrast, and sharpness. Great paintings are identified by the details.
  • If possible, the background should be as plain as possible so the main focus can be on the main figure or object you are painting.
  • If you are painting your friend or your dog, then you should consider getting a more close-up view to create a detailed painting.
  • Lastly, keep in mind the photo’s size. Most of the kits are 16 x 20 inches/40 x 50 cm, so a 4:5 aspect ratio will be the perfect fit.

If you are on your mobile phone, you can edit your picture from the photos, but if you have it on your computer, I suggest you go to LunaPic to edit it.

Once the package arrives, it’s time to start painting.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit

What will you find in the package?

  • You canvas with the contours printed on it
  • Three brushes, a small one, a medium, and a large
  • The necessary acrylic paints

Some Tips While You Paint

  • Before you start painting, it’s a good practice to take a photo of your canvas before you start painting in case you get confused with the numbers and the colors.
  • Cover your workspace with old clothes and fabrics to not get any stains on the table.
  • Have water and tissues near you to make sure your brush is wet and clean when you change colors.

  • It can be helpful if you go one number at a time. Only move on when you are finished with a number.

  • Also, beginning with darker colors would be better instead of beginning with bright colors.

  • Using the tip of the smallest brush will help you cover every detail.

  • If your canvas has some creases, an easy way to deal with it is by covering your canvas with a piece of cloth and ironing the canvas.

  • Make sure to check the consistency of the paint. Pour water to adjust accordingly.

Now that you have a beautiful painting, created by you, wait for it to dry well and buy a frame to display it in your house, or as I said before, use it as a gift for your friends. I’m sure they will appreciate it.

Person taking a picture of a painting

Something You Will Remember Forever

If you’ve read this article closely to the end, then you’ll have no problem creating something memorable. Paint By Numbers Custom Designs will keep you creative, productive, energized, and it will never let you stay bored. Now that you know how to get started, go to MiiCreative right now, upload your photo and have your personalized kit delivered right at your doorstep.

Custom Paint by Numbers Kit