woman looking on laptop stressed

5 Easy Hobbies to Learn for Relieving Stress At Your Own Home

woman looking on laptop stressed

We’re no strangers to stress, it’s a natural part of living. However, too much of it may not be for the faint of heart. Fortunately, hobbies can help calm you down and reduce the health problems associated with it.

Why Learn A New Hobby?

For us adults, it’s great to find useful hobbies to learn that can possibly help make our lives a bit easier while enjoying it at the same time. This is why we compiled a little list of fun, useful, and easy to learn hobbies you can learn at home for relieving stress:

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Crocheting, Knitting, or Quilting

Do you know that yarn crafting has mental healing properties? Studies have shown that repetitive rhythmic movements of any of these activities can help you focus and encourage serotonin release, a hormone released in the brain that can make you happy. This will enable you to take the edge off when you’re feeling restless, grumpy, or frustrated and keep your moods balanced. 

woman doing crochet with white yarn

Other than the talk of brain chemicals involved, this positive outlet can also help in reducing diseases that come with stress like fatigue, migraine, and heart failure. 


For some, eating amazing food is extremely effective in relieving stress. So if you’re a foodie but don’t know how to cook, then it might be time for you to reconsider and try it out. Doing so can make you healthier since you have control over the ingredients you incorporate in your dish and opt for less processed food in your diet.

happy asian women learning how to cook

Besides its health benefits, it’ll also give you the opportunity and versatility to try out a variety of cuisines, explore different cultures, and create meals worthy of your taste buds.

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A lot of therapists recommend journaling for relieving stress, it’s one of the meditative activities you can do to practice mindfulness. By expressing your emotions through writing and acknowledging these experiences, you can train your mind to focus only on the positive by being aware of situations that irritated you or made you anxious. 

person writing on notebook while holding coffee

With these in mind, put it into practice and spare 20 minutes out of your day to write, especially when you feel mentally and emotionally drained. Let go of your worries and bring back your peace!

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Hobbies such as coloring by numbers can aid in finding higher states of consciousness. The patterns are aesthetically pleasing to look at and draw you in, hypnotizing away your depression, anxiety, and stress.

adult coloring book with colored pencils

A majority of people find it challenging to meditate, but found that adult coloring books seem to work for them, giving relaxation and relieving stress a hot new take. 


Painting is great when it comes to relieving stress, doesn’t matter if you’re good at it or not. When we create beautiful art with painting it helps us trigger different moods associated with our theme. Plus, it’s the perfect way to channel your imagination and ease your troubles. 

woman painting paint by numbers landscape

Speaking of painting, Paint by Numbers has a lot more positive therapeutic benefits than regular paint on a blank canvas. In addition to benefits like motor-skill enhancement, emotional growth, optimism, and stress relief, it also helps you focus. It makes finding balance and peace a lot easier because of its meditative effects on our minds, letting us focus on the present and block out the noise. 

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Finding Inner Peace Through Paint by Numbers

woman holding brush painting custom paint by numbers with acrylic paints

Paint by Numbers has proven to be therapeutic and a relaxing hobby. It's great for beginners and anyone who wants to try painting. Everything is prepared and laid out for you, from the paints to the canvas. If you’re ready to find your inner peace through Paint by Numbers, head over to the MiiCreative Store and start relieving stress with your very own custom paint kit!  

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