5 Cool Things to Paint to Impress Your Friends

5 Cool Things to Paint to Impress Your Friends

Being a professional (or beginner) painter is a fun and exciting way to make a living and sometimes it might seem quite different from other jobs. However, it’s a job like every other one out there. Whether an accountant or a painter, the struggle is the same. As a painter, you’ll find yourself in many difficult situations throughout your career and one of them is not knowing what to paint next. Nothing comes to mind, right? Well, if you feel uninspired right now, this article will certainly come in handy. So keep reading and let’s explore some cool and easy things to paint.

Person in spacesuit absorbing knowledge

Now, when you find yourself in a difficult situation like the one described above, it’s a matter of time before you start doubting yourself. You are a human and it’s natural to have creative blocks in such circumstances. But the truth is that your mind is playing tricks on you. You don’t suck at painting. 

It’s usual for a painter to not have imagination at times. Think about a good footballer for example. Is he always the best on the pitch? No. There are highs and lows in everything that you do. And the fact that you are reading this article right now is an indicator that you are about to hit extremely high soon. 

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The real question that you may have in your mind right now is, “How do I get started?” Well, when imagination is out of the picture, what can you do? Go abstract. With abstract, you can easily unlock the door in your brain, allowing you to find some cool and easy things to paint. 

5 Abstract Painting Techniques to Bring Some Innovation to Your Head

  1. Abstracted “Scraped” Painting
    Scrape painting is a fun way of mixing different colors to create something unique and different. You’ll need a canvas, some acrylic paints of your choosing, and something hard and flat like a ruler or just an old scraper.
    Abstract painting with three vibrant colors

    How do you Scrape Paint?
    It’s an easy process, so don’t worry about messing up. You start by putting a small amount (peanut size) of different paint colors around your canvas and then you slowly scrape them in different directions to create something like the above picture. The result is magical. Feel free to play around with colors, mix them up, go up and down and you’ll start feeling a lot more creative after this.

  2. Abstract “Marble” Painting
    Another fun and easy way to boost your imagination is with the Marble Painting Technique. We have to admit that this may turn out to be a little messy, but it’s 100% worth the try. For this one, you will need a canvas, a paintbrush (whatever kind you want), some paints of your choice, and a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water.

    Blue marble abstract painting
    How do you Marble Paint?
    Now that you have the necessary equipment it’s time to start your engines... or your brushes. I should also warn you, this is going to reveal how fast you are with paint, so be ready. Put your pigments on the canvas first, the same way you do when you Scrape Paint, but do not mix them. Now that you have your paints on the canvas, pour a little of your rubbing alcohol-water mix onto the canvas. Then grab your brush and let your hand do the work. The results can be something like the above picture. If the result is not what you imagined, then do not worry because it’s not supposed to be what you imagined. Just have fun with it.

  3. Paint-Pouring

    If you have patience and you are fast with the brush on your hand, then this technique is for you. What you are going to need is a pouring medium, some acrylic paints of your choice and a canvas, of course. You are also going to need a cup(s), and maybe a stick or something pointy.
    Woody wavy painting
    How to do Paint Pouring?
    You can do beautiful canvases with the Paint Pouring Technique and the good thing is that there’s no right or wrong. It’s all up to you. That’s why this technique is great to help you bring back your inspiration. So basically, you start by mixing your different paint colors in your cup or cups, depending on how many colors you want, and then add the pouring medium to give it the consistency you want. If you created more than one mix of paintings, what you want to do is pour them all in one cup.

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    Once the paints are all in one cup, you will quickly put the canvas on the cup, flip it over and then pull it up and watch the paint flow on the canvas. You don’t want to create one color by mixing your paints, instead, you want to achieve something like the above image. If you want, you can use the stick to direct the painting wherever you want. Have fun with this technique and make sure you are well prepared for the mess you’ll create.

  4. Galaxy-Inspired Abstract Painting

    This one is more or less self-explanatory. You’ll be creating the galaxy! So you will need to have a canvas, and the colors of the galaxy like black, blue, violet, and white. The galaxy you create will be a really good painting to hang in your living room.
    Universe painting in blue

    How to do Galaxy Abstract Painting?
    Creating the galaxy shouldn’t be a problem for you. The only thing that requires your attention is the way you will mix the different paints to create something like the above. And of course, don’t forget to do the stars once you are finished.

  5. Swirl Painting Using a Fork
    So this one is a super cool and easy way to impress your friends. You are going to need a fork, a canvas, and some acrylic paints.

    Gold swirl painting
    How to do Swirl Painting?
    In our opinion, this technique is the easiest amongst the others so you should focus more on having fun rather than creating an awesome masterpiece. All you need to do is pour your painting all over the canvas, and with the help of a fork, you’ll create something like the above.

What to remember

What you need to remember is that hard times are going to come your way. It doesn’t matter if painting is your hobby or is your full-time job, there are going to be some hardships on the way. But these difficult circumstances you are in, are going to make you a better painter.

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