Adult painting outdoors with paint

4 Reasons To Try Color by Numbers for Adults

Color by Numbers for Adults doesn’t normally cross in anyone’s mind as something they can do to relax. But just like Paint by Numbers, do you know that it has a lot of underlying mental benefits? 

Adult painting outdoors with paint

We usually associate coloring books with kids, without knowing that the concept of Color by Numbers for adults has been around since the 1960s. It may have lost traction over the years, but that changed because of social media. And in 2012, color by numbers for adults came back and became a huge phenomenon up till now. I mean, why wouldn’t it? With so many customers confirming its therapeutic effects, others are itching to try it for themselves. 

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4 Mental Well-known Benefits of Color by Numbers for Adults


Mindfulness is self-awareness without judgment and can be fulfilled with activities like coloring by numbers. Achieving meditation through mindfulness is achieving peace, which in return switches our brains off and mute unwanted thoughts. This practice can clear our minds and helps us deal with stress and anxiety better. 

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Stress and Anxiety Management

Kid’s coloring books and color by numbers for adults are very different from each other.

Unlike kid’s coloring books where you color certain shapes and even cartoon characters, color by numbers for adults contains symmetrical patterns called, “mandalas”. 

flower mandalas for painting

They’re designed to challenge the average adult’s motor skills and attention span and made them garner their reputation to relieve stress. Other than stress, color by numbers for adults can reduce anxiety issues as well by helping you escape reality, providing you the sense of calm needed to take the day

As adults, is crucial to have a little rest and relaxation. It may seem counterproductive, especially with the overwhelming responsibilities you need to finish. However, your much-needed break might be the key to finish that job or chore you need to do. By doing a single task like coloring by numbers, you’re giving your mind enough time to recuperate. This in return restores and strengthens your focus.

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Brain Stimulation

Coloring fires up the creative right side of our brains, giving our logical left a rest. The more we use the right side of our brains for coloring and taking breaks, the more influence the left side has with problem-solving, analysis, and ingenuity.

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Now that you know more about the benefits of Color by Numbers for adults, you might want to take it up a notch by trying another fun-loving activity like Paint by Numbers. If you wanna take a crack at it, we recommend browsing the MiiCreative Store for the best quality Custom Paint by Number kits you can buy!

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