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Who is paint by numbers for?

Our craft kits are designed for   adults, as much for beginners as for more talented artists  looking for a new hobby. Completing a paint by numbers project helps you learn to analyze a subject and observe areas of color. 
Whether you’re a  beginner looking for your first artwork  or a hobbyist wishing to develop your creativity, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our varied catalog or you paint your own custom canvas by sending us your favorite photo! Check out our   custom paint by numbers  for more information. 

Most of the time, the uncolored shapes won’t make much sense and you won’t be able to recognize the painting before you’ve almost finished it.
These paint sets currently come in one unique size (16 by 20 inches) and are categorized into multiple themes.


What is Mii Creative?

Mii Creative company  specialized in the production of   unique paint by numbers. The savoir-faire we developed in this field put us as one of the world’s favorite brand, according to a recent survey carried out by a European arts & crafts organization. We now mostly ship our kits to the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK.  

Our kits come with everything you need to get started. They’re packed into a beautiful tube to ensure that all components arrive in good condition and that the canvas comes wrinkles free. In addition to the numbered canvas, each craft kit contains the paint set, 3 brushes, a chart, a picture of the finished painting and an instruction paper.

How to make your paint by numbers look better?

If you’re looking to improve the look of your masterpiece, we strongly advise you to head over to our  painting tutorials. You’ll learn new painting techniques, how to use our art supplies like a pro and how to master the art of acrylic painting!