Turn your favorite photo into a custom Paint by Numbers

The best paintings come from photos that are:

1. High quality photos (Yes, your iPhone photos are fine, but please no screen shots).

2. In the daylight (daylight through a window is just fine), but not so sunny that the face is dark. 

3. Have great contrast (if you have a black cat, you can see different shades of grey, black, etc. in the photo)

4. The pet is looking at the camera (I know this is hard. treats help.)

5. There is nothing covering the animal / the animal is not sitting on a couch

6. High contrast from the background. You animal pops off the page.

7. You can see your pet's full head. If the ears are cropped out of the photo, they will be cropped out of your painting. 

8. Your photo is close up (reference the dog laying in the field under bad photos)


Relieve your stress with the painting by numbers on canvas.

  • Paint by Numbers is an amazing way to relax, to take your mind off of your daily stressand to find your inner peace. It also gives you the opportunity tofeel accomplishedonce a painting is finished.
  • This hobby willdevelop your creativitywithout having to think about it and will make you be ablepaint beautiful pieces of art. Moreover it gives you great pieces of art to decorate your house afterwards!
  • It's Fun & Easy

What's in the kit ?

  • a high-quality canvas with pre-printed numbered contours (size 40cm x 50cm // 16in x 20in).
  • one water-based acrylic paint set. Everything is ready-to-paint, no need to mix the colors.
  • a set of 3 brushes (1 small, 1 medium and 1 large).
  • a kit to hang your PBN once finished.
  • a complete and clear folder containing the painting instructions.

In addition to that

  • We offer Free Shipping on all orders! We ship your paintings for free anywhere in the world in around 12-20 days. If you order more than one PBN, you may receive multiple packages.
  • Mii Creative is Satisfaction Guarantee!

Feel free to send us an email if you have any further questions about our PBN!